Arwa Atwa

Arwa Atwa

Jeddah, SA


The Modularity: culture authority

Since the Cultural Authority approach is unity and collaboration
through the different
traditions found in Saudi Arabia. Creating a
community, connectivity and unity is needed
to compliment the authority approach. I was
inspired by the Mountains. Mountains are
well known with its unity as it always comes as
series such as our culture. As well, Mountains
are considered miracle
in our world as it holds
the earth, such as our
culture and traditions,
they are the bases of our
county`s values. Therefore, a central hub was
created that connect all
of the 16 sectors together with the public spaces but in the same time
maintaining the privacy
of the workers. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Jeddah, SA
My Role: I designed the whole project for studio IV: Civic design