Armando Suarez

Armando Suarez

San Diego, CA, US


Skyscraper & Retail Plaza Competition (1st Place)

AECOM Co-Op / Paid Internship

1ST - PLACE - SKYSCRAPER COMPETITION - CHICAGO                              Rhino, Grasshopper, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

During the winter of 2014, I participated in a paid Co-Op Internship at the LA AECOM office working along newly hired lead architect Ross Wimer and Principal
Peter Zellner. Colleges in our team included Daniel Lee, Jae Lee, Frederick Nilson, and classmate Agus Tio. Ross asked the team to help him develop a tower with a Michell Truss into something that can work given the wind and orientation of the skyscraper. Agus, Jae, and I worked on making the entire massing site model of the city (Fig. 1). I also volunteered to make and develop the 6-7 physical study models of the main skyscraper shown in Figure 1 & 4. Ross and I worked on a study model (Fig. 5 & 6) of the building structure adjacent to the tower. By second submittals, both landscaping department offices had hit a dead end on cost cutting the plaza landscaping. I suggested matching the Michell truss of the tower with the iconic image of a Hoft Fibration as the underlying grid for the entire plaza. (Fig. 7).

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Built 8 physical study models of skyscraper and retail/plaza spaces. Extruded some 3D floorplans in Rhino, AutoCAD linework, Illustrator diagrams, and suggested final landscape design.
Additional Credits: Principal: Peter Zellner, Lead Architect: Ross Wimer, Daniel Lee, Jaehwan Lee, Frederick Nilson, other AECOM offices participated in the initial stages. Right before I left the AECOM internship, the project grew and various colleagues had joined the project.