Mehrdad Mohammadi

Mehrdad Mohammadi

Irvine, CA, US


Marlowe At Playa Vista

"Marlowe brings a taste of urban glamour to the Playa Vista palette. Blending stylish drama with relaxed elegance for the love of it, these new luxury homes feature contemporary architecture and welcome sophistication of a new degree—but not without a nod to all things modern. Imagine the kind of vibe only wide, open rooms and spaces can deliver and say hello to places for entertaining, relaxing and getting creative. Intuitive home designs offer everything from lounge-worthy lofts to sunset-friendly covered decks and kitchens that become your own culinary paradise. And large open windows in every direction will make light-filled days just as scenic as memorable nights."  Brookfield Residential

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Status: Built
Location: Playa Vista, CA, US
My Role: Assocciate
Additional Credits: RHA