Maya Moussallieh

Maya Moussallieh

Toronto, ON, CA



Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto, ON, CA, Architecture

Iplan Training Program designed for Internationally Trained Architects

Building Information Modelling (Revit 2015) course
Ontario Building Code 2012 course
Materials and Methods of Construction course

Jan 2015 - Apr 2015

IUST International Univeristy for Science and Technology, Damascus/Syria, Bachelors, Architectural Engineering

The Architectural Engineering program is intended to develop students' understanding of the essential interaction between the environment, heritage and human factors, and to relate them to design practices and processes. In addition, the program will enable students to develop an appreciation of global and local architecture, as well as urban planning and design. It also deepen their social awareness and environmental consciousness for the utilization and conservation of natural resources. Graduates of the program will acquire knowledge, practice and design capabilities in the following areas:
◦ Architectural Design.
◦ Structures.
◦ Construction Engineering & Management.
◦Environmental Control Systems.
In addition, graduates will have an understanding of global and local architecture, as well as urban planning and design.

Sep 2008 - Jul 2013


Graduate Architecture, Other

The competition where architecture students from around the world have the possibility to submit their final project to the 'Graduate Architecture' Competition.


Areas of Specialization