Annika Schneider

Annika Schneider

New Orleans, LA, US

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I am a fifth year M.Arch student, interested in the ways design can be used to both destroy and separate or unify a community. In my five years at Tulane University, I have had the opportunity to examine this at both an urban and human scale. With the John William Lawrence Research Fellowship, I was able to study how the urban grids in the main cities of Morocco were designed during Morocco's colonization to pacify and segregate the Moroccan inhabitants from the French citizens. Additionally, in the summer of 2018 through work with the nonprofit PlayBuild, an organization that teaches young children design and community empowerment through play, I examined design at the community and human scale. Currently, I am finishing up my thesis which focusing on alleviating the fear of otherness through architectural affect and am working as a Fellow at the Phyllis M. Taylor Center, teaching human-centered design and facilitating campus-wide initiatives for social impact.  With my upcoming graduation in May, I am seeking a design role that allows me to learn in the architectural field, while consciously working within and with communities. Outside of school I enjoy visiting new places and examining a country through its built fabric.

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Phyllis M. Taylor Center of Social Innovation and Design Thinking, New Orleans, LA, US, Teacher's Assistant for Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Senior Practicum

Led the design of the new space for Tulane University's Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Jan 2018 - current

Phyllis M. Taylor Center of Social Innovation and Design Thinking, New Orleans, LA, US, Design Thinking Fellow

Organized and facilitated human-centered design workshops. Worked on graphics.

Aug 2017 - current

Marianne Desmarais, Algiers Point, LA, Intern

Built a residential project on Revit, with a focus on building families, creating topography and producing solar studies.

Jun 2017 - Aug 2017

Playbuild NOLA, New Orleans, LA, US, "Architect in Residence"

Taught children about design through activities based on urban design and architecture. Created a workbook of design related worksheets and activities for kids.

Jun 2017 - Aug 2017

Kostow Greenwood Architects, New York, NY, US, Intern

Worked with AutoCAD working on theater projects throughout New York City. Prepared drawings for competitions.

May 2016 - Jul 2016

H.S. Architecture; Westchester, NY, Yorktown Heights, NY, US, Intern

Created architectural drawings on AutoCad, material boards, and a Revit model for a mixed-use project with renderings.

May 2015 - Aug 2015


Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, US, MArch, Architecture

5-Year Masters of Architecture Program with a minor in Urban Studies.

Spent one semester studying at the National University of Singapore and received a grant to study the traditional cooling strategies for hot-humid climates while in South East Asia, in order to compare the strategies to those of New Orleans.

Sep 2013 - current


Ann and John Rossi Travel Scholarship, Scholarship

Examining Singapore's strategies to supply a growing population space in a country that cannot expand, while combating a changing climate. This study first looked at the passive strategies implemented, followed by the technological applications added for complete comfort.


John William Lawrence Research Fellowship, Grant

Granted $2,500 to examine how to urban grids of French urban designer, Henri Prost, were used to pacify and segregate the main Moroccan cities during French colonization while using the city as a testing ground for contemporary urban theories.


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