Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark

Cincinnati, OH, US

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I love the smell of leather products, cold brew, and saw dust, so I make as much of each as possible. I have killed every bonsai tree I’ve ever tended to, but I keep getting more. My music taste falls somewhere between Willie Nelson and Kanye West. I’m from rural Kentucky, but don’t hold it against me. Is nacho curation a hobby? I play every sport and instrument I can get my hands on but am great at none of them. I know an unreasonable amount about beer tasting, but relatively nothing about cars. I will probably beat you in a dance off. 



The Camping and Education Foundation, Cincinnati, OH, US, Freelance Designer

I worked on designing a series of natural, educational playscapes, with another group of students, a boat dock and a boat maker space. I led a new group of co-op students in the fall, to rework the playscapes as I continued to develop other portions of the project. I ended up designing and laying out a book of combined works and my research as well as multiple presentations, which I presented to the Cincinnati Parks Board, community involvement groups, city officials, and commissioners. I printed the final proposal with a book printing company, to be shared with multiple parties.

May 2020 - Nov 2020

DTJ Design, Boulder, CO, US, Architect Intern

I worked with a small team of architects, designers, and landscape architects on numerous largescale overseas themed entertainment projects in Revit, Rhino, and Grasshopper.

Aug 2019 - Dec 2019

RJT+R, Atlanta, GA, US, Design Intern

I collaborated with clients, fabricators, architects, and interior designers in a team environment on a multitude of projects ranging from steel office buildings to wooden clubhouses in CAD, Revit, and Photoshop. At the end of the semester I was asked to lead the Initial schematic design of a office development site.

Jan 2019 - Apr 2019

Big Ass Fans, Lexington, KY, US, Engineering Lab Data Analyst Intern

I worked alongside engineers on a multitude of research and analysis projects, and helped produce solutions and designs solving problems observed through said research. Of hundreds of applicants, one high school graduate is selected for this internship annually.

May 2017 - Aug 2017


University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, US, BArch, Architecture

At the University of Cincinnati, I majored in Architecture, with a certificate in green roofing. I received numerous scholarships for my undergraduate work. With many of my hours completed early, I was able to take two elective studios and two graduate level electives during my fourth year. One studio focused on researching a post-pandemic world, and the effects on architecture, while the other focused on computational modernism and unitized structure. One elective researched and developed with industrial sponsor, OMYA, the capabilities of robotic 3D printing calcium in the form of perlite. We developed clay, paper, and cement based materials to do so. I was asked to and continue to develop my research, postgrad.

Aug 2017 - Apr 2021


DAAP SAID Scholar, Scholarship

Scholarship for work second year architecture.


Frank T. Leo Scholar, Scholarship

Scholarship for work in first year architecture.


United States Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award, Scholarship

Outstanding achievement, leadership, and sportsmanship in tennis.


John Calvin Scholar, Scholarship

Scholarship for model contribution to Winchester KY’s community.


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