Ana E Carlson

Ana E Carlson

New York, NY, US


A Community for the Elderly

Program: To understand senior housing construction planning and design contemporary housing units
within an urban environment, understanding and implementing the building code and regulations.
Research: Studied Universal design, and implemented ADA standards for accessible design and AIA design to design a dynamic yet functional community for the elderly.
Idea: Design a Senior housing master plan consisting of three main areas, independent living, assisted
living and skilled nursing small house. The skilled nursing will house a total of 40 residents in four neighborhoods or (4) four small houses, which was developed at a detailed level. The design maximizes comfort for the senior residents of this community while providing them with a high quality of life. Each unit maintained a close connection between nature and architecture providing the residents with a calm, relaxing environment even when they are indoors and creates outdoor areas that would encourage senior residents to get out of their living spaces and experience the surrounding common areas as an extension of their homes.

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Status: School Project
Location: Cincinnati, OH, US