Amir Armani Asl

Amir Armani Asl

Tehran, IR



Founder & Chief Architects AArchitectsOffice / Tehran , Iran

Studied at Soore School Of Architecture ,Soore University



ArmaniArchitects, Tehran, IR, Founder & Chief Architects

Jan 2018 - current

Kamvari Architects, Tehran,London, Architect

Jan 2016 - current


Soore School Of Architecture , Soore University, Tehran, IR, BArch, Architecture

Jan 2013 - Jan 2017

Soore University, Tehran, BArch, Architecture

Jan 2013 - Jan 2017


Trans Siberian Pit Stops / Bee Breeders Award, 1st Place

jury commentary

First place winners project had it all. Its iconic in its design as well as being sustainable and rooted in the history of the railway.

The winning project stood out for its unique combination of traditional forms of architecture and the dynamic nature of the railway. Studying local vernacular architecture, our first prize winners adopted a trusted and proven building form by lifting the building off the ground, this allowed for greater control of interior conditions by insulating from the winter cold as well as cooling during the summer period.

The project implemented a traditional construction and form with a strong silhouette and strong geometry, making it a bold and recognisable landmark that wouldn’t be out of place along this historic railway route.


WA Awards / Trans Siberian Pit Stops, Award

Kamvari Architects


WA Awards / London Rep -Tile Pavilion, Award

Selected by the votes of Honorary Members & Selected democratically, through the ratings of community members


WA Awards / Tehran Self Sufficient Hydro Tower, Award

Selected by the votes of Honorary Members & Selected democratically, through the ratings of community members


The Best Student Design-Build Projects Worldwide 2017 / INFILOOLION Pavilion, Award

For the third year in a row, in June we asked our student readers to submit the design-build projects which they have recently worked on. And, for the third year in a row, the response we received was excellent. With hundreds of submissions to ArchDaily, ArchDaily Brasil and all four ArchDaily en Español sites, in 2017 our readers gave us more projects to choose from than ever before; we’ve narrowed this selection down to bring you the 34 best student design-build projects around the world from the past year.

Project Title: Infiloolion (Soore University)
Tutors: Dr. Hassan Osanloo, Ali Zolfaghari, Amir Armani Asl, Javad Norouzi, Sina Sadeghi
Students: Arina Garousi, Dena Khaksar, Seyed Mostafa Mirhashemi, Zahra Babaie, Farideh Yousefi Moghadam, Seyed Ali Sajadi, Bahareh Sadat Yasrebi Naeini, Fariba Dehghani, Shayan Kondori, Marzieh Ghaffari, Mohammad Esmaeili Tamandegani
Country: Iran

Inspired by the geometric complexities of the Persian “Muqarnas” vaults, Infiloolion is a striking steel structure comprising a looping grid inscribed in a cube. The bright orange steel grid was conceived in Grasshopper and loops in a precise, structurally conscious curvature in what could be described as an inverted, sinusoidal, folding grid.


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