Amber Brewster

Amber Brewster

Grandville, MI, US



Before I began my architectural education, when asked why I wanted to be an architect, “Because I like building things out of Legos, and I think it would be fun to bring buildings from my imagination into reality,” was my simple reply. As I’ve begun to grow and mature, my reasons have grown in complexity. I can now attribute my aspiration to my love of design. Whether it is my admiration of the architectural process of design, or the brilliant aesthetic qualities that can be encompassed within a building, as a result of an architects hard work and dedication to their design process. This process is one of the things that really draws me to the architectural field; whether it’s the act of researching and gaining inspiration from precedent works or adding the finishing touches to representational drawings that allow architects to drive their design ideas home, while also allowing others to understand their design intents. In my opinion, an Architect’s work is never done and as a result, the design process never rests. There are always ways to improve a design by either, taking away, for simplicity, or adding to, for complexity. This belief is why I always carry a sketchbook around for when I get a jolt of inspiration from within, or from my surroundings. I believe that as an architect it’s important to be cognizant of the idea that inspiration can come from unexpected things and/or places. Even though there is always room for improvement, there is not always time for it. The final stage of design, when the architect must now make their representations presentable is my favorite part of the design process. This is when I allow my love of color scheming, and using programs, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, to take over.

While the design process is an important part of my stride to become an architect, there are many other reasons I strive to receive a Master’s degree. I plan to design using innovative technologies that tackle architectural issues such as sustainability. I believe that a great design is the result of the Architect divorcing themselves from preconceived notions, architecture and otherwise, and, in turn, creating an innovative architectural work. The type of architecture I would like to design is one that brings people of all backgrounds together; something that creates cross cultural and generational social interaction. I also intend to use my degree to help rebuild communities devastated by disaster, whether natural or otherwise, as well as build housing in underdeveloped communities around the world. These undertakings will incorporate green technologies that allow for sustainable design, cost effectiveness and affordable living for the inhabitants of those communities. Educating the people of these communities about the technologies is an important aspect of the process, so that the inhabitants will be well informed about their living conditions.



University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US, BArch, Taubman College of Architecture

Oct 2008 - May 2012