Aditya Dalal

Aditya Dalal

Tempe, AZ, US


The Nature Vault - Addressing the disappearing schools in Puerto Rico

The aim is to address the real and current need in the aftermath of extreme natural disasters and hurricanes(Mariah).

These events have called into question the identity of the island territory, its status and the need for social and political action. The effects are reshaping Puerto Rican society. 

The goal is to foster an immersive experience that will help drive resilient and impactful solutions. 

The solutions must enable Community-Led Emergency Management, provide decent shelter and produce more resilient buildings and cities.  

To preserve the original character of the existing structure.

Reinvent the 100 year old building for the local community to utilize this space as a ‘Hub’ of resilience in times of need.

The Sketching Journal in my trip to Puerto Rico generated a refreshingly different form of visual data which I tried to translate it in the project.

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Status: School Project
Location: Puerto Rico, TX, US
My Role: Conceptualizing, 3D Modeling, Designing, Post Production