Adam Mahardy

Adam Mahardy

Telluride, CO, US


D7 | NYC Innovation Canopy.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Create a palimpsest of function, space and structure. With preoccupations in Urban Green Space and Carpet Programming. Manhattan is a center of entrepreneurial spirit; a place where constant technological innovation is juxtaposed with massive socio-economic variety. In this dense fabric of hyper-urbanization, the city block serves as the ultimate unit of metropolitan culture and adaptability. However, the constant flux of circulation between work, education, and leisure creates a conflict in the availability of space and time. The New York City Center for Innovation serves as a catalyst for start-up companies and experimental organizations to establish infrastructure, to grow, and to showcase ideas. In doing so, the developmental New York Block aims to help those companies and others bring research discoveries, job markets, and technological innovation to New York City while also providing direct access to retail, education and leisure for entrepreneurial growth.

CRITICS: Professor Alfonso Perez, Architect Christopher Noel, Architect Mark Maturo.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Architectural Designer
Additional Credits: Mathew Mark - Design Partner