Alexander Zilberman Architecture P.C. (AZA)

Alexander Zilberman Architecture P.C. (AZA)

New York, NY


Versace SoHo

Designed this stunning, high functioning luxury store, beginning with a simple yet formal organizational layout that is tailored for the brand and this SoHo location. Implementing Versace’s latest concept, the SoHo design echoes boutiques in Milan and Paris and is translated here.

Much like the brand’s collection, the space is celebrating the richness of materials, craftsmanship, and legacy, sometimes with a playful twist. Throughout the store, one will find native to Italy, choice marble and classical references such as fluted detailing and Greco floor and ceiling patterns crafted by Italy’s artisans and imported here to make this space possible.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Prime Architect