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Design Diffusion News

Guan Wang
Jan 28, '14 4:20 PM EST

October 2013
Material Evidence installation is featured in Design Diffusion News with a text by Luciana Cuomo

"What a great title they thought of for Designer Days 2013: "And tomorrow... what will be of design? Design is a trade, a discipline, an added economic and creative value, a function for strategic development for all the professionals of this "lovely endeavor", the D'DAYS in Paris - as it is defined by the president of the association Rene-Jacques Mayer. For this event, which brings design into the finest streets of Paris, into its stores, into its renovated suburbs... "We - declares Mayer - had a dream: that design, and design alone, continue to be a banner, because so rich is it in content that it doesn't need to move into other terrirtories. That in design(s), everyone be represented, graphic, textile, material and object designers, industrial and service designers. That the D'DAYS be a platform for creation and exhibition that crossbreeds points of view, the visions of all the actors in this discipline and the other sectors of contemporary creation. That it generate debate, that it attract political, economic and personal contributions. That it serve as a connection between economic and cultural actors, who live by means of design, in a relationship between schools, businesses, museums and national and international economic forces". With this theme D'DAYS, in its 13th edition, confirms its status as a festival and as a shaker and mover of ideas, to build a dimension of progress, innovation, evolution, for the implementation of our everyday gestures. To be a designer in 2013, and tomorrow... is to take responsibility for creating habits, objects that will be exemplary in their productive cycle, and that will have a life of longevity. To think about tomorrow is to remember that design is a creative and cultural tool that can help get us through the crisis. And tomorrow it will also be the stage for new bonds, new encounters between the fields of creation which D'DAYS hopes to provoke, by crossing approaches and encouraging a shift in vision."

The Silvera Poliform showroom in Rue du Bac: Material Evidence installation by Ammar Eloueini.