Atelier do Beco da Bela Vista

Atelier do Beco da Bela Vista

Porto, PT


"Restoration and Improvement of Frossos`s Pateira"

The project was awarded with the National Landscape Architecture prize 2012 - category "built project".

The program required the creation of three paths for landscape interpretation with pre-established colors associated to each, in a total of 11.840m set in a dense network of agricultural existing roads along the banks of the Vouga River. Recreation and leisure, observation of wildlife and flora, water cycles and agricultural activities that are taking place in this landscape are the explicit objectives of the project. The conservation of natural and cultural values, particularly the existing structure of the «Bocage landscape», and the dynamic equilibrium of this habitat protected from disturbances that the implementation of the program could bring, is the implicit and essential goal. An intervention which was wanted to be delicate over this territory worked daily by “landscape makers,” will reveal it worthy of the designation of "Agricultural Park", accessible to the populations of major metropolitan areas such as Porto, Aveiro or Coimbra, through a project of small size and costs.

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Status: Built
Location: Aveiro, PT
My Role: Project
Additional Credits: Builders - Ibersilva
Site management – CM Albergaria-a-Velha
Maintenance management - Polis Litoral Ria de Aveiro, S.A.