Dong Wu

Dong Wu

Suzhou, CN


United Living Houses

The idea of this housing complex is to create an innovative life style for the community. Commercial residential buildings are the most popular housing types for Chinese in these days. It cannot be denied that these rapidly constructed buildings can meet people’s demands of living. However, these ‘fast food’ buildings are causing a kind of monotonous living style. People do not know their neighbors, because they have few communal spaces. Public spaces are not used frequently as wished, because they are not constructed in a welcoming way. The community is just for residents to have a staying space but not for them to live a meaningful life, because there are not enough supporting facilities.

ULH is going to change this situation. Public and social spaces are used to connect living areas. In addition, these spaces are also used to connect the community to public realm outside. This community is actually for people to live in rather than stay. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Suzhou, CN
Additional Credits: XLarch@XJTLU - ARC205/2012 (tutor: Claudia Westermann module leader: Nancy Diniz)