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3RW arkitekter


Straumehagen Residential Apartments

Straumehagen is the latest addition to the centre of the new urban development of Straume, an island outside Bergen. 3RW arkitekter have designed the building to allow each apartment unit to look onto a communal courtyard with views towards the surrounding mountains and sea. 

Perforated metal sheets adorn the north facade to provide protection from strong winds and ornament to the outdoor corridors leading into each residential unit. The building meets the ground with a one-storey timber envelope for commercial and office spaces.

Painted in cream-colour, the building speaks to its sister building, Sartorgården, also designed by 3RW arkitekter and completed in 2013, cladded in tones of green. Straumehagen is part of the second phase of the new quarter, and together both projects aim at delivering the first steps towards the compact and vibrant urban development of Straume. They are amongst the first projects built as part of Fjell Municipality and Hordaland Regions’ plans for the compact urban development of Straume. The projects are part of the area plans for the new costal city at Sotra.

Sotra Costal City gives its residents a fully-fledged urban offer, focusing on the area’s green structures and pedestrian access. A hole has already been dug underground, allowing for 1500 cars to park and making space for large and open public spaces and meeting points, green trees, cafés and restaurants. Cinemas, shops, restaurants and a broad selection of public and private services will also be located here, together with an extensive range of cultural and leisure activities. The urban life at Straume will give close proximity to the unique nature and costal environment of Sotra.

The two projects, Sartorgården and Straumehagen, consist of a total of seven to nine floors; two underground parking floors, one-to-two floors for commercial businesses, shops and offices, and five apartment floors. These buildings facilitate good, common outdoor areas covering the commercial programs, with residential buildings surrounding green courtyards with good connections, light and views of the surrounding nature.

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Status: Built
Additional Credits: Location: Straume, Norway
Client: Straumehagen AS (Veidekke Entreprenør AS, OBOS and Sartor Holding)
Status: Built, 2017
Size: 8 400 m²
Program: Commercial buildings and housing
Renders: MIR
Photography: RJS
Architect: 3RW arkitekter