Zoe Demple

Zoe Demple

Brooklyn, NY, US


Turning Water into Wine

Inspired by research of biological symbiotic  networks such as lichen, this system incorporates onsite grey-water water treatment with a trellis system for a small winery.  Located in an economically depressed area of south Troy, New York, right on the Hudson River, the project brings together environmentally friendly and community oriented housing, the growth of the surrounding area, and entrepreneurship opportunities for the residents in the business of wine making.  The trellis systems acts as both a growing medium for the grape vines, as well as a water flow system for the onsite water treatment.  These ‘vine covered’, trellised units not only provide privacy from the surrounding neighbors, but also bring interesting lighting aspects into play.

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Status: School Project
Location: Troy, NY, US
My Role: Designer