Zoe Demple

Zoe Demple

Brooklyn, NY, US


The Mango Tree

In this four week charette style project the goal of the assignment was to find an appropriate site and create a new type of housing which will help integrate high end apartment dwellers into a community. Through analyzing the site in western Ahmedabad, one of the fastest developing cities in India, it became apparent that there is a trend for people to build walls and barriers around where they live. Through a series of diagrammatic movements and parametric studies a language for the site was developed. The massing allows for a flow of pedestrian traffic, connecting the once closed off communities on either side. The fenestration was developed as a series of attractor points  based on their closeness to a historic community mango tree and the two main roads at the edges of the site.

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Status: School Project
Location: Ahmedabad, IN
My Role: Designer