Zoe Demple

Zoe Demple

Brooklyn, NY, US


Light as a Guide

Taken from a previous project into the Design Development studio, the focus here was in developing the entirety of the structure so that the panels would be seen as a light guiding entity. Each panel reflects or blocks light in the circulation space pointing passengers toward their gates. From the air, the roof is seen as an undulating mass of reflectiveness in the day, and a perforated envelope at night. The aluminum panels intersect a layer of ETFE which runs along a grid of trusses, held up by a forest of tree columns.  The column grid bleeds to the exterior of the building  through the language of landscaping; trees and columns following the same logic, becoming more randomized as they move away from the terminal and toward the natural forest which surrounds the area.

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Status: School Project
Location: Riga, LV
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Kyleen Hoover