Zaher Arbash

Zaher Arbash

Los Angeles, CA, US



    I am an interior architect with more than seven years of studio and field experience on dozens of turnkey projects, both residential and hospitality (detailed in the attached resume). My first step as part of a small team was to meet with clients and assess their needs. Often the client would provide some images to convey their tastes and expectations. It was often my role to use this information to research the design concept (historical period, artistic inspiration, color schemes, etc.) and begin evaluating the limits and possibilities of the existing physical space and (space planning).
I then outlined my ideas for use of the space (including furniture placement) using CAD drawings. After further consulting with the client, I proceeded to refine the design using 3DS Max (and sometimes Sketch up) renderings. After a formal design presentation and client approval (including any budgetary constraints), our team met with contractors to determine materials and share shop drawings in order to arrive at detailed construction documents.

After this period of discussion and revision, I would oversee both the construction on site and the fabrication process at the factory, making sure that deadlines and budgets were met without compromising craftsmanship.

These various stages from conception to soft opening necessarily demanded a wide range of technical, aesthetic and interpersonal skills, all of which I’m eager to adapt to a new context.

Zaher Arbash



Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors, Los Angeles, CA, US, Interior Designer

Jul 2015 - Apr 2016


UCLA Extension / Cal Poly Pomona, Los Angeles, CA, US, Masters, Master in Interior Architect

Jan 2014 - Jan 2016

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