Yu-hsiang Lin

Yu-hsiang Lin

New York, NY, US


Campus Geometry And Geography

Deodoro is well positioned within Rio, with direct train connections to the city center and a BRT line linking it to Barra de Tijuca. This area has great potential as not only an urban center, well connected by public transport, but also as a large green space for the surrounding neighborhood. Deodoro has historically been neglected by the city due to policy and restricted land use intended to support the military instillation.

With the 2016 Olympics games coming, Deodoro is under pressure to be developed and modernized. As demonstrated in Barra, the current urban development strategies found in the city present tall buildings with significant densities and well-organized zoning, but lacks public spaces both in quantity and quality.

This project proposes a campus that combines an academic area, with its series of open spaces, and a live / work neighborhood that includes different typologies for housing, office and commercial spaces. This combination aims to articulate the existing void space and takes advantage of Olympic venues while presenting a distinctive urban centrality. Combining new urban development with an open and integrated landscape, the campus creates a dynamic center of activity for visitors and residents, accommodating a multitude of users within the region and beyond.

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Status: School Project
Location: Rio de Janeiro, BR
My Role: individual project