Tommy Yang

Tommy Yang

Brooklyn, NY, US


Rising Phoenix - Inspiration Hotel

Violence erupted in Sherman Park Milwaukee on 13 August 2016in response to police shooting and killing a black man. Endemic of the racial tensions that persist across the US as well as inequalities embedded into the routines of everyday life, this Inspiration Hostel raises out of the ashes of the burnt-out neighborhood gas station the promise of reflection, contemplation, and community. This contested urban site hosts transformative individual and community spaces.

Public program is dispersed within the confines of a single rectangular space punctuated by two exterior courtyards. The library, manifest in shelving, lines the east wall to distribute program throughout the entire space. Performance intertwine with the living room, library, and outdoor spaces while the meditative space is transformable with a thick red velvet curtain. The hotel pods activate the public space by penetrating through the ceiling plane, offering views into the artist studio spaces. Three masonry pods, aggregated around a kiln for glass blowers, are grounded in the public zone.

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Status: Competition Entry
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Mo Zell, Marc Roerhle