Tommy Yang

Tommy Yang

Brooklyn, NY, US


A FairyTale Alley

Located in Washington Park Neighborhood of Milwaukee, this project redevelops an underutilized alley by transforming ephemeral atmosphere and experiences into a socially vibrant, economically productive, and multicultural public place. Often, alleyways are forgotten, misunderstood, or are turned into spaces of fear and danger. In order to achieve these goals, the infill design examines the creative possibilities of intimate social interactions and communications within the mundane setting of a back alley.

Utilizing above- and below-ground elements, the design inserts catalytic possibilities into the vacant lots and re-adapt the garages into spaces for storytelling, cultural performances, food, sounds, and memories.

By providing a space for creative exchanges of cultural knowledge, this project seeks to transform an ordinary and banal place into an extraordinary sequence of memorable and evocative venues.

This geographical location of the alley allows Fairy-tale alley to be a platform accommodating multiple cultural content in the city. By maximizing the re-usage of garage structures, the design fosters the creation of new interaction within the public to create memorial spaces of work, live, and play. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Milwaukee, WI, US
My Role: Designer and Community Engaged Researcher