Wynord Thomas Jr

Wynord Thomas Jr

Los Angeles, CA, US


Chicago Highrise

The Chicago Highrise project deals with the concepts of LIVE and WORK. The live environment is a focus on things that happen in a typical day such as the wake of the morning sun, the time spent reading the newspaper before breakfast, the leisure walk in a nearby park, the window shopping at the local boutique, and the comfort of one's bed after a hard day's work. I associate the live environment with nature, it is free, relaxing, and slow paced - all common themes to the live environment. On the other hand, the work environment is associated with the city, fast paced, stress, the "have to provide" mentality
are common themes of the work environment. There is an EVERYDAY struggle between living and working and I seek to define this struggle through my project.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Sole Designer