Wynord Thomas Jr

Wynord Thomas Jr

Los Angeles, CA, US



This project deals with intersection and contrast. By definition, contrast means having an oppostion or juxtaposition of different forms, lines, or colors in a work of art to intensify each element's properties and produce a more dynamic expressiveness. Taking this definition and headlining it as the subject of the project, I wanted to contrast the surrounding landscape, but still have the project serve as a connection between what the client sees and experiences.

The project's form breaks through the earth's surface and show's contrast to the surrounding environment through its use of rigid forms. It remains organic in the same way crystals form to a rock's surface. Programmatically, each pool contrasts with one another. For instance, the hot and cold pools are placed adjacent to one another developing the phenomenon of moving from two extreme temperatures. The warm pool is adjacent to the cold pool giving the client a first-hand experience of condensation. Contrasts and differences are what make the world unique and in order to achieve the phenomenon of contrast you must experience it.

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Status: School Project
Location: Atchafalaya, LA, US
My Role: Sole Designer