weiyi tan

weiyi tan

Torrance, CA, US



Robotic Interaction/ The Sworm
Sworm is an interactive robot which is based on the combinational
researches of snake and earthworm.
The Sworm`s structure is taken the ideas from snake`s skeleton
and vertebrae with an architectural study of Tensegrity
sturecture. The Sworm`s movements are borrowed the ideas
of how snake and earthworm have both tension with compression
and expension with contraction as a way in locmotion.
Snake has a strong sense of detecting and feeling the environment
by absorbing sound vibration and this idea is taken
foward to make interactions between Sworm and surrounding
The Sworm robotic intellegence is an innovation that futher
sees the potential future of architectural world. 3D printing and
2D laser cutting are the two major ways to fabricate Sworm`s
parts. Filling tonic water inside of support plastic hollow rod
and glow by UV black lights which would increase visual presentation
indeed. The Sworm robotic intellegence is a design
from biomimetic study to architectural thoughts to engineering
technologies to perform an interaction and beauty of a physical
and visual relationship between man and robots.

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Status: School Project
My Role: designer