weiyi tan

weiyi tan

Torrance, CA, US



Skin Deep/ Parametric design
Antelope Canyon is a “slot canyon” that was formed as water eroded deeply into the local sandstone. It’s called a slot canyon because the canyon is extremely narrow – in places, you can touch both sides with your outstretched arms. The design idea is inspired by Antelope Canyon’s shape and progress of deformation. The unpredictable interior space always would fascinate people as well as the idea is borrowed into my design. The main interior open space is about 12 feet wide that allows pedestrians accessing from both sides. Bridges and escalator crossing from one side to another, so it is visually connected between pedestrians and people inside of building. The interior void space twisted along the elevation changing higher and higher.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: archiect