William Bingham

William Bingham

Albuquerque, NM, US


Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, East/North Towers

Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, East/North Towers, Ann Arbor, MI – lead designer, responsible for master planning, site planning, architectural design, and interior architectural design.

This 598,000 sf (565-bed) project is a replacement facility for an existing 1970’s facility. The project consists of three phases:  1) an 11-floor critical care tower (363,000 SF), 2) a seven-floor patient care tower and main entrance (204,000 SF), 3) renovation of existing support functions (80,000 SF).  While the new patient rooms double the size of the hospital's existing room, the number of beds at the hospital will remain unchanged.

The facility boasts a "racetrack design" that positions patient rooms on the outer part of each floor with staff and health care resources located in the middle.  Hospital officials hope the new facility will give the hospital an edge in attracting patients. Each room gives patients the ability to control lighting settings and communicate wirelessly with their caregivers. Each floor also is flooded with wireless Internet access and each room has a flat-screen TV. The rooms were designed with the recognition that families are increasingly playing a key role in the healing process.  The rooms have chairs that fold out into makeshift beds.

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Status: Built
Location: Ann Arbor, MI, US