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Marcel Sanchez-Prieto, in conversation

By mimiz
Jun 5, '12 4:59 PM EST

This past February, Marcel Sanchez-Prieto, architect and Woodbury San Diego professor, spoke as part of Woodbury School of Architecture’s 2012 Spring Lecture Series. Prior to his lecture he sat down with Bachelor of Architecture student Mark Montiel, who was part of Sanchez's China study away studio.

Sanchez co-founded CRO Studio with Adriana Cuellar in 2007. The collaborative research practice focuses on urban and architectural design, with projects ranging from private institutions, housing developments to urban renewals and cultural centers. His research includes the development of design methodologies that expand on geometry as tool for urban sensing and architectural innovation. He participated in a wide-range of urban studies along the Mexico-U.S. border with San Diego State University, University of California San Diego, Colef-College of the Northern Border, the Municipal Planning Institute of Tijuana and the San Diego Association of Governments; with the intention to comprehend and explore the morphological and social implications of this region.

Video: Henry Cheung