Wendy Bertani

Wendy Bertani

Columbia, SC, US



My name is Wendy Michelle Bertani and I am twenty-seven years old.  Originally, I am from the Chicagoland area but have spent the past few years in Europe and the southeastern United States. 

I am currently employed as an intern architect with Quackenbush Architects + Planners in Columbia, SC.  I am learning a lot about the profession of architecture and am in the process of studying and taking ARE exams.  I graduated from Clemson University with my Master in Architecture in 2012 and previously received my Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2008.  I worked full-time at the Chicago office of PSA-Dewberry for three years before returning to school for my Masters in 2010. 

While studying at Clemson University, I had the opportunity to spend a semester in Barcelona, Spain and in Charleston, SC, where the curriculum is focused on binding academia and the workplace.  I enrolled in the design-build studio with seven other students and successfully completed a vertical garden wall project in downtown Charleston at the end of the semester.  While studying at Clemson, I have gained skills in construction and fabrication.  I learned how to work with wood by designing and constructing a jewelry box and storage cabinet and how to weld by building an exhibition display using steel rods and studs.  I have found that these experiences have improved my attention to detail and my understanding for the construction process while designing.

I have also been fortunate enough to spend a summer semester during my undergraduate education in Florence, Italy, traveling through Tuscany in a Renaissance Art HIstory course and truly experiencing the great works of Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci.  I find that our experiences in life truly define who we are and architecture is definitely acting as the guiding force of my journey.

While working full-time and in graduate school, I have earned the reputation of being a hard-worker, organized, and reliable.  I am a LEED Accredited Professional and have worked on LEED certified projects professionally and led a "Brown Bag" luncheon on the new LEED 3.0 system to co-workers while with PSA-Dewberry.  I was blessed with many opportunities and responsibilities while working professionally and also acted as a graduate assistant for two semesters while at Clemson University.  I find that I work well with others and am exceptionally good at gathering people together. 

I am constantly challenging myself and setting goals professionally, academically, and personally.  While following a plan and schedule is important, I know to expect the unexpected and that simply going with the flow and accepting what I cannot control is a vital attribute to working within an architecture firm. 

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, am an avid water skier, and enjoy playing sports and other recreational activities.  I am the proud owner of an Amazon Kindle, and am always looking for a new and exciting read that broadens my knowledge and perception of the world.


Quackenbush Architects + Planners, Columbia, SC, US, Architect

Oct 2012 - current

Clemson University, Clemson, SC, US, ARCH 151 Graduate Assistant

As the ARCH 151 Graduate Assistant, I helped teach the first year undergraduate studio section under Professor Sallie Hambright-Belue at Clemson University. Additional responsibilities included meeting with students outside of class time to answer questions, offer critique of projects, both technical and creative work, and grading.

Jan 2012 - May 2012

Clemson University, Clemson, SC, US, materials + assemblies graduate assistant

In order to obtain the graduate assistant position for the ARCH 872 materials + assemblies course, I won a design competition with my final project for the course during the previous semester. This position was challenging as the course was offered on-line and all correspondence was handled with students on the four Clemson campuses (Barcelona, Spain, Charleston, Clemson, Genoa, Italy) electronically. During my assistantship, I assisted in grading and offered technical and creative advice to students by monitoring the website on a daily basis throughout the semester. I also completed the documentation of student work at the end of the semester, which required great persistence and organization.

Aug 2011 - Jan 2012

Clemson University, Charleston, SC, Assistant

While employed as the assistant to the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston, I helped to organize administrative materials and documents for the facility and worked very closely with the faculty. This position required great organization as there is a large amount of files to collect and document at the end of each semester. I was also responsible for producing marketing materials for events that included the students, faculty, and community.

Jan 2011 - May 2011

Dewberry, Chicago, IL., Intern Architect

While working with PSA-Dewberry I was fortunate to acquire a range of responsibilities for an entry level intern. I helped build physical and 3D models in Sketchup, aided in sketching for interior and exterior finishing details, and worked on schematic, design development, and construction document phases of design.

In May of 2009 I became a LEED Accredited Professional and began conducting analyses and submitting credits for LEED certified projects within the firm. During this time I also acted as a Junior Project Manager and reviewed submittals, ASKs, and RFIs while maintaining correspondence with the contractor and partnering architectural office while the head project manager was away on vacation.

I also produced the architectural drawings along with another structural engineer intern for a small scale design-build project. Drawings produced included plans, sections, elevations, wall sections, and details. As the lead architect on the project, I also reviewed submittals from the design-build firm and approved the final finishes and materials for the project.

An additional responsibility that I had while working with PSA-Dewberry was as the Office Development Committee Chair. I organized an office softball team that played in a city-wide league against other architecture firms, planned holiday gatherings and office events. The overall goal of the position was to improve morale and encourage a positive and friendly working environment within the office.

Aug 2007 - Aug 2010


Clemson University, Clemson, SC, US, MArch, Architecture

Aug 2010 - May 2012

University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2004 - May 2008


2010 define:RE:define the UNIT First Place Winner, 1st Place

While enrolled in ARCH 872 materials + assemblies in the Fall of 2010, my final project was selected as the winner in a design competition for the 2011 Carolina Ceramics Materials+Assemblies Assistantship. The course was required for all graduate students at Clemson.


Robet Miller Award for Rigor, 1st Place

This award is given in recognition for demonstrating extraordinary rigor in the study of architecture, in which I was selected by the faculty at the Clemson Architectural Center in Charleston.


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