Wilson Architects

Wilson Architects

Brisbane, AU


St Catherine's College

Wilson Architects, is designing a new $10M accommodation wing for St Catherine’s College, within the University of Western Australia (UWA).

The new wing will house an additional 54 students in the College’s Indigenous Access Program, which currently accommodates 400 residents.

The program is titled Dandjoo Darbalung – ‘mixing together’ in Nyoongar country, the way fresh water and salt water mixes in the Swan Estuary near the College.

Wilson Architects’ design references Indigenous principles of landscape and country, and acknowledges the importance of identity derived from place.

The design is inspired by the Aboriginal concept of deep listening. It is a way of encouraging people to explore and learn from the ancient heritage of Aboriginal culture, knowledge and understanding.

Dandjoo Darbalung offers residents a new Cultural Learning Centre and a fire pit, which will act as a campus beacon for the central Indigenous cultural space.

The new wing delivers a mix of accommodation options, indoor/outdoor learning spaces, and a private roof garden for an artist in residence.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Perth, AU