Vlad Olvera Esteves

Vlad Olvera Esteves

Carlsbad, CA, US


Torcha Condominiums

While working for Architectums (, I created the architectural design, construction drawings, 3D model and renderings, for this mixed use building, which includes a two story commercial area with a terrace and featuring roof gardens. There is an elevator going from the top story, through the two loft levels & three story parking, and down to the first of the six apartments, which are connected by a an inclined elevator and a stair. The sixth is a two story apartment with a gym and a pool.

I used AutoCad, AccuRender and SketchUp.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Ensenada, MX
My Role: Architectural design, 3D model and renderings.
Additional Credits: Architectums