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My name is Ruben Cabanillas Ramos and I am a passionate and innovative LEED GA Master Architect (Madrid, ETSAM with Honors), based in New York with high skills in sustainable design. I have more than 6 years of experience in international practice, working on competitions, awarded project, RFP's and research. I have been able to collaborate on different project scales, in diverse climatic and social contexts, with practices ranging from cultural, educational, residential and hospitality, to mixed-used towers and transportation system research.


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The Vacuum : Architecture and Criticism

Go through your favorites architectural daily sources, pass the vacuum, open the Vacuum Bag and voila! we will have enough provocative material to start political, cultural, philosophical and sustainable discussion regarding postmodernism trends in architecture terminology. A several blog entries that will try to filter some current overrated architectural terminologies such as Public Space,or the most common: Green Strategies.

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CetraRuddy, New York, NY, US, Project Architect

Involved in cultural and international and local residential projects above 75k sqft in Manhattan.
Currently working as Project Architect of one residential development in Manhattan and two Master Plans Campus Schools (k-12)in India , The Choice School. The Thiruvalla campus has been awarded this year 2016 with:
-Project of the year 2016 by Architizer under institutional unbuilt category.
-Design Award for Honor 2016 - Society of American Registered Architects (National and NY State). Excellence of design
-AIA NY State 2016 Award.
-Shortlisted on Future Wan Project 2016
And published in many national and international magazines such as Mark (German) or American School and Universities.

From the concept design (deep involved in the concept and production) to CD, coordinating with all consultants and local architects, understanding the context into the all process.

A design with sophisticated use of the regional material, sustainable design and environmental considerations brings to another concept of rural campus with modular architecture attached to the vernacular.

I have also working for 2 years in high rise residential projects, with high demand clients, I did more than 12 RFP and more than 75% were successful, getting the project in its design profile.
I am working now right now in a mix used tower in Hudson yards as a designer and a High rise residential condos in upper west side. We believe it will stands up in the context for its use of the brick with new construction technology and variation in the massing. I am responsible of engineer and consultant coordinations, clients meetings and design of the facade/unit layout.

Feb 2014 - current

HENN, Berlin, DE, Research DRX 2015

Awarded with a research chair position through an international competition with more over 300 applicants around the world. DRX 2015 is an annual research program hosted by Henn Architects in Berlin. Research led by 3 PhDs and 4 Professional designers from different backgrounds, that year we looked into Vertical Cities toward Urbanity & Integration, Transportation & Energy and Sustainable Design. We came up with three prototypes located in Delta River, China. The final Research was published in Innsbruck University and international Architecture Magazines as CTBUH NYC .We collaborated with experts from ARUP London, Dusseldorf University Professors and Transsolar Bioclimatic engineers.

Jul 2015 - Sep 2015

HMD New York, New York, NY, US, Project Architect Designer

1_ BAS Brooklyn Art Gallery, NY (12k sqft): SD/DD/CD/DOB. Project Architect/ Designer. BIM implemantion on the Design. Concept Design, Structural Coordination and Client Presentation. (Team : Managing 2 junior.)
2_ Operator House in The Gut Bridge, Maine (1,200 sqft): SD/CD/Work Permit. Experience in wood construction system. Coordination with the structural and MEP team. (Team leader: 2 people) 3_Qingdao Convention Center, China (600k sqft): Multi-theatre convention and conference center competition. Concepts and production. (Team: 3 people)
4_Victorian Bistro Restaurant, Germany (30k sqft): Complete interior renovation of classical German restaurant. Renovation of the exterior facade. SD/DD/CD (Team: 4 people).
5_Residential NY Tower of the 21st Century (600k sqft fl oor): high-rise tower in Long Island City. Competition entry for Metal Structures Competition 2014 with Madsen Structures. (Team leader: 3 people.)
6_Evolo 2014: Vertical Neighborhood Tower Competition entry.
7_RFP_ Four Mixed-use towers, Chengdu, China (1,5M sqft): Design of 4 new towers proposal including a large retail + office podium.

May 2013 - Feb 2014

STL, Chicago, IL, US, Project Designer II

1_Lycee Francais, Chicago (200k sqft): From conceptual design to Design Development.
2_SOS Roosevelt Square, Chicago (100k sqft). Chicago Public houses and planning.
3_ Condominium Tower, Chicago (500k sqft): Mixed use high-rise in Lake Shore Drive.
4_ Be’er Sheva Adult Care Center design competition, Israel (80k sqft).
5_Cinematography studio in India (Annapurna studio). RFP.
6_ International architectural design competitions: -Helsinki Central Library, Helsinki, Finland (500k sqft) (Design Team: 4 people) -Daego Public Library, South Korea (350k sqft) (Design Team: 4 people) 7_UNO St Scholastica School, Chicago (85k sqft). CD (Team: 4 people)
8_Sahara School, Indore, India (120k sqft). SD. Render & Animation. (Team: 2 people)
9_ Back of the Yard Public School, Chicago (800k sqft). CD. Design of the Library.
10_ Harris Bank Carmel, Indianapolis. DD/CD. (Team: 2 people)

Jan 2012 - Jun 2013

FDCA | SAINASIA, Madrid, Spain, Trainee

International architecture desing, urban planning and restoration office based in Spain and China where I was involved in 3 International architectural design competitions:
1_Parador Nacional de Turismo de Ayegui (Navarra, Spain) on January 2010. FIRST PRIZE (developing the main idea into a team integrated with 2 coworkers)
2_Fundacion SEPI (Madrid).
3_Master Plan in Abu Dhabi.

Jun 2010 - Dec 2010

COLL-BARREU Architects, Madrid - Bilbao,Spain, Trainee

Architecture design office established by Coll-Barreu ETSAM 's project teacher where I worked in 2 International architecture competitions:
1_Olympic Games “Villa Madrid 2016” RZ1 & RZ2 (collective houses competition)
2_Tabakalera civic center (San Sebastian, Pais Vasco, Spain)

May 2008 - Nov 2008

EMURBAN, Madrid, Spain, Trainee

Architecture design and urban planning office where I worked in construction documents projects as well as detailing, work site and completed surveys of buildings. Designing new housing into a urban planning. I learned how to develop an architecture project from the conceptual idea to construction of a building.

Apr 2006 - Nov 2006


Awarded as a fellowship to work in the design team of the Cervantes Theater (SGAE in Mexico DF) after a ETSAM Anton Garcia Abril project studio teacher with honorable marks. Visualization, 3d physical model and documentation during the Design Development. (Team: 10 people)

Jun 2005 - Oct 2005

ARTECO S.A, Alcobendas, Spain, Trainee

Architecture design and urban planning office where I worked in construction documents , as well as, detailing, work site and completed surveys of buildings.

Jun 2003 - Sep 2003


Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM), Madrid, ES, PhD, Phd preparatory: Master in Advance Architecture Design

Innovation & Technology Architecture

First of two phases of coursework completed.
Worked in ETSAM as a Project Design Teaching Assistant under Ruiz Cabrero, Unit Teacher.

Sep 2011 - current

Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM), Madrid, ES, MArch, M Arch. with Honors

Masters Thesis project at the University of Polytechnic of Madrid (ETSAM) represents a milestone in my career, in which I explored how a thermodynamic wall and bridges system could organize and connect the new Manzanares river in Madrid to the old urban fabric, creating new public spaces with cultural programs. It was recognized with honors (Outstanding pass) by a panel of architects including Juan Herreros (Columbia, ETSAM) and it has been published in different magazines such as DFT, and showcased in different universities including Minas Gerais, Brazil. Due to my thesis project, I received a grant to work as a Studio Project Mentor for 6 months in ETSAM.

Jan 2003 - May 2011

Areas of Specialization