Vera Teles

Vera Teles

Miami, FL, US


Parking Lot

The development area for my project is located in the old downtown neighborhood of Lisbon, called Baixa Pombalina.

This area underwent a big urbanistic development in the 18th century due to an earthquake (in 1755) that destroyed this part of town. The urbanistic plan consistedof creating a geometric layout made of blocks.

In this project we had to choose a block to design a parking lot. I chose one that is surrounded by four different streets, each one with a distinct character, and one serving as the most important pedestrian path in this area.

The fact that this block is between two major walking paths made me think about the project as a way to create a “dialogue” between them. This would help generate a void that is walkable to offer the user  a new sensory experience of that space.

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Status: School Project
Location: Lisbon, PT