Varia Smirnova

Varia Smirnova

Brooklyn, NY, US


Sekretnaya Banya

We propose that a Secret Banya be hung from the underside of the Tolbukhinskiy bridge. Hidden from view beneath the highway, the Secret Banya is announced by the appearance of a spiral staircase mid-way across the river Kotorosl. Motorists speeding by in the morning will wonder at this improbable deep-red object, and perhaps go on to spend the rest of the day dreaming about it. Curious pedestrians who stray from the bridge and follow this staircase to the bottom will find a traditional Russian banya suspended fifteen feet from the surface of the water. A pleasantly improbable public amenity, the secret banya offers healthful relaxation and conviviality for all passersby. A diving board is provided for those who would like to cool off in the Kotorosl River.

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Status: Competition Entry
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Duncan White, Zijian Xu