Simon Svensson

Simon Svensson

Malmö, SE



I am an outgoing person who is always ready and aim to develop myself as a Person on a regular basis, in order to become better at my job, socially and to bring results. I am serious when the situation calls for it and responsable for every step that I take. Respect is a great quality that I crave from myself and expect for the rest, both towards Others and their job.
The experience that I’ve gathered from living in 4 countries has made me very interested In foreign cultures as well as giving me the capacity of understanding myself and others. I have patience, have a burning desire for knowledge in different areas such as, art, Architecture, people, philosophy, marketing, psychology, business etc.
I know that everything has solution and if you have a goal clearly defined, then it will be achieved. I want to learn as much as posible in my line of work and gradually move up in my career. I encourage challenges on my end, and I’m willing to take high positions that demand responsability even if it takes risks and learning new things.



Sep 2005 - Jul 2009

Areas of Specialization