Valerie Hill

Valerie Hill

San Diego, CA, US


Huailai Winery

Located in Huailai County, a new and rapidly expanding wine region in China, this vineyard provides a holistic experience to its users and guests. The winery incorporates and showcases all aspects of wine production, from the growing of grapes to the later stages of fermentation and bottling. The experience for the visitor is immersive from the moment they approach the site. In addition to wine tasting, visitors can tour the facilities and participate in workshops or dine and gather in spaces overlooking the vineyards. Approaching the site, the winery appears to grow out of the ground. The regular rows of vines reveal the building as it emerges and transforms out of the surrounding landscape.

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Status: School Project
Location: Huailai County, China
My Role: I worked in a team of two. We collaborated and shared work responsibilities on all aspects of the project.
Additional Credits: Critic: Hina Jamelle