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    Patrick Beseda
    Feb 27, '12 10:02 AM EST

    Program criteria, how exciting. 6 weeks of context, research, abstract modeling and theory, 2 Corbusier readings, 2 Lewis. Tsurumaki. Lewis books, and a lot of chipboard (sans laser cutting) for two week of programming, finalizing, basswood building and last-minute panic before jury. Feels weird that so little is dedicated to what feels like "architecture" but its nice that it all seems to fall in place with all the background work to support it. Guess those instructors know what they're doing (or at least they got lucky this time) (or at least they appear to know what they're doing).

    Oh look, sunrise...

    Don't worry, just getting an early start to the week. Haven't been here all night. (Not sure I'll be able to say the same next weekend.)

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    • AAbelS

      nice facilities!  Do people start taping drawings up on the glass throughout the semester?  I can see you started doing it already. Would love to see what happens when things get crazy

      Feb 27, 12 11:48 am

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