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    s03w03 California is just alright

    Patrick Beseda
    Sep 11, '12 11:15 PM EST

    I'm a little off on my weekly post, but I'll do two this week:

    San Fran had much to offer on Thursday:

    SFMOMA = Sol Lewitt + Stan Allen + Cindy Sherman?

    Tea Gardens = zen walk + zen views + zen tea

    Off the Grid food trucks (upper Haight) = Kung Fu Tacos (duh)

    Renzo Piano's California Academy of Sciences = drinks + biodome (enough said)


    Monterey Bay Aquarium = regional awesomeness

    the Walker Residence, a blue cottage, the bay

    oh yeah, then we went to our site... that's for the next post. Continuing my site research and analysis. Trying to tie together that place we are designing for with the people and the program we've been given. Working from the user outwards to determine space allocations and adjacency. Pulling hard data from various sources together with the embodied experiences we had at the site. Doing what we can with such little exposure to our place. I wish we could have stayed longer... diagrams, sketches, mind dumps, questions, paradoxes, problems and hopefully progress coming soon.

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