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    s03w02 - I've never been to California...

    Patrick Beseda
    Sep 2, '12 5:27 PM EST

    The California trip is on. I'll admit, I don't get out much. This will be all new to me.


    San Francisco, the De Young Museum, the Japanese Tea Gardens, the California Academy of Science, sea kayaking, Monterey Bay Aquarium then drive down the coast to the site.

    Point Lobos. The site. The site.


    This week I am researching the location that we are to spend time at next weekend; the place. History, geology, geography, local ecosystems, climate systems, seismology…

    How can I possibly know enough to do something worthy of this place?

    “So, what are we doing?”

    Designing a visitors center, a marine academy. For teenagers. They arrive as tourists and during their stay are transformed into locals. As a result of the combination of the program, the people, the place and the architecture, we can essentially and fundamentally change their relationship with this site; moving from consuming the place, the landscape, the scenery, toward an understanding of the place, experiencing a personal and emotional connection to the place.

    I have such a limited knowledge of this place, I can't possibly absorb enough of this place to take back to Colorado, to my drafting desk, to my chipboard models. How can you make do with such a small amount of time actually spent at the site?

    A small scale model I made of an extroverted space on a cliff on the coast.

    Program definition coming soon (minus square footage requirements). Going to need to find a way to strategically work from the user outward, such that when the program is fulfilled, the architecture is an appropriate scale.


    On an unrelated note...

    I wrote a social API. It's basically the source code to my personality. An insight into how I work and live, so that if you want, you can connect and engage me more effectively. Read more here.

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