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    AIA Colorado Practice + Design Conference 2012 - The New Normal

    Patrick Beseda
    Nov 3, '12 6:34 PM EST

    Since I'm not sure if there are any AIA Colorado members on Archinect, I'll do the official post for the conference in Keystone, Colorado this weekend.

    The AIA Colorado Practice + Design Conference: The New Normal held this weekend in the beautiful Keystone was a refreshing look at emerging practices, innovative business models, bleeding edge technologies, legal and code changes, and an overall critical look at what the heck we are doing in the new economy, new political stage, and ever-expanding global/social world.


    Featuring speakers such as Marlon Blackwell, Patrick Tighe, EB Min and Jonathan Segal, it was a new look for me at how far this field reaches, what people are doing to achieve incredible things every day, and that there are kindred spirits out there, they just have to be met and engaged. I also got a lot of talk in with people working very hard in materials, systems, IT and software, and engineering. I saw so many excellent displays of vendors and exhibitors; makes me excited to be working in a field that has the newest and greatest of palettes. Thanks to all the exhibitors, sponsors, and AIA Colorado for putting on such a great gathering of energetic, excited individuals in the design professions.


    I'll rattle of a few one-liners overheard, put up a few pictures and get back to work:

    "We work between the ideal and the improvised. This is our place. We have to think of how things might be otherwise and make a project where there isn't one." - Marlon Blackwell, FAIA

    "You have to have control. Have the money in the bank. Don't hyper-leverage yourself. That's stupid. There's always more money out there." Jonathan Segal FAIA

    "Just because you can draw it and build it doesn't mean that it's good." Karl Daubmann, AIA

    by Breadtruck Films

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    • archaalto

      Thanks for sharing--I was curious about this year's event but unable to attend.

      Jonathan Segal always has my attention, and I believe this is his second appearance at the AIA CO since 2007[?], with MacKay-Lyons and KPF.

      Daubmann from PLY is great too.  Met him a few years back and they are always doing putting out great stuff.

      Nov 5, 12 11:23 am

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