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    a different kind of semester

    Patrick Beseda
    Jan 29, '13 5:21 PM EST

    So it's probably going to be a different kind of semester; for me, for my school, for Denver. It's the first semester of UC Denver's newly minted, newly accredited Bachelor of  Science in Architecture. This marks a departure from the school in Boulder and the start of a new chapter in architecture education Colorado. Which comes with some interesting conversations. I guess undergrads don't take up much space, so... cool. Can I have my TA position now?

    Things I'm doing this semester:


    • Studio IV and Advanced Digital Graphics from the same instructor
    • Environmental Control System II
    • Design Build Bluff

    Other projects:

    • Starting a student led and edited publication
    • Starting a side project (more to come on that soon)
    • Collaborating on a gallery installation

    My studio and graphics instructor has a "zero social media policy" for both courses, so I won't be publishing any work until after the final. This means I'll be writing more, asking more questions through this blog and showing more of how my personal projects are shaping up. My instructor's view of internet publication may be a topic for later discussion.

    Less in-progress images, more discussion of process.


    First up: Open ALL the things!

    In response to my post after last semester (with all the harsh language) my older brother, a internet maker in Denver had a few suggestions for the architecture community. Keep in mind he doesn't know too much about the way the industry works (neither do I, now that I think about it). Here's a few quotes from our conversation.

    " It seems the industry is modeled after modern advertising, which is an unfortunate derivative of its skeezy, womanizing predecessor of the early 20th century."

    "Examine how we do professional software:

    • Mentorships, not apprenticeships
    • Meet/Drinkups, not seminars
    • Excessive online communication. I mean excessive!
    • Open ALL the things! (Documentation, training, direction, manifestos, READMEs, whatever)"

    This is something I've always admired about the software community, that it was exactly that; a community. They talk, eat, work, drink, and think software together. Openly sharing resources, education, techniques, work product. I haven't come across a community of people (not just online either) that is as helpful, generous, forward looking, or as motivated as that.

    If you read this and you know how the architecture community is doing this, or why we should or why we shouldn't, let me know. I think there is something salient about the unprecedented success of the software industry in the last decade and their community models and values...


    • ncecchi

      I work professionally in Denver and am from here, and it is good to see options for architectural education expanding here.


      Since moving back here after school, I have definitely noticed the lack of a tight architecture/ art/ design community and often privately lament the issue to the few designers I get to talk to on a daily basis.

      Jan 29, 13 5:42 pm

      architecture is and always has been open source software

      just look at it and copy; edit as you like; cut and paste and make your own thing

      Jan 29, 13 8:07 pm

      I wonder whether  you are craving "the (architecture) community" to be a circle of peers and fellow experts or rather a connection to "the industry" (aka clients and manufacturers)?  There is probably not just one secret recipe how to establish and maintain those different kind of networks.
      BTW - skimming through archinect is already my definition of excessive online communication - there is only so much time  ;-)

      Bummer you are not allowed to show any work here this semester.

      Jan 30, 13 9:55 am

      @Jadzia and Nicholas, I think it probably arises out of a collective desire to have those kind of networks plus some momentum and probably alcohol. I think what I might be looking for is what Archinect has created, just localized. Maybe architects already have circles of peers they find these kind of interactions with and I just don't know about them.

      @FraC If architecture is open source software(hardware) it's because architects like it that way. We want to be able to "cut and paste", adapt, etc. Is there a tradition of attribution to precedent? Copyright? Is architecture open source software, or is it just protected against piracy? How do we respond to Apple's new strategy?

      Jan 30, 13 1:01 pm

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