Ty Quattlebaum

Ty Quattlebaum

Philadelphia, PA, US


"Designing Through Sound"

Sound is a spatial event, a material phenomenon and an auditive experience rolled into one. It can be described using the vectors of distance, direction ,shape, and location. Within architecture, every built space can modify, position, reflect or reverberate the sound that occurs there. Sound embraces and transcends  the spaces in which it occurs, opening up a consummate context for the listener; the acoustics source and it’s surrounding unite into a unique auditory experience.

This design came from my research topic of acoustics. After looking at variations of multiple sound waves I determined that I wanted any viewer that walks alongside the facade or inside the building to experience sound in silence. The deep facade of aluminum blades designed in a wave shape, gives the building dynamics while remaining stable.

 This sinuous shape is not just a mere formal gesture but it is also a strategy to extend views towards the inner city and maximize solar shading.  The visual effect of the results is important that the pattern is able to create an interesting Image both seen from the outside (at the scale of standing on outside ground) and from the inside (at the scale of standing on the inside floor). The louvers are used to frame desirable views, creating visual connections between significant portion of the buildings exterior and the surrounding context.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Philadelphia, PA, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Studio Instructor: Miguel Calvo Salve, Ph.D & Russell Roberts, AIA