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Why BIM Consulting Model is Advantageous to Construction Firms?

G Trivedi
Oct 19, '18 7:29 AM EST

BIM signifies different aspects for different building construction firms. AEC companies and EPC firms think that the emphasis has to be completely on the information “I” of BIM. The information is either graphical or non-graphical and is contained in the building model, which is accessible through the liked data.  The capability of a construction firm to integrate building designs with engineering processes with help of information from documents; is what sets BIM modeling from drawing equipment, and the firm from competitors.

Virtual Designing Tool

3D modeling and simulations are increasingly becoming sophisticated, and hence are getting integrated on more and more building construction projects. Best Revit BIM modeling service providers opine that their potential is realized when they successfully bring architecture, engineering, and construction on the same platform to further unite designers and the designing elements together. It may sound like a gigantic task, but for those who know about it, are sure that BIM is the future of building.

To simplify it, we can say that BIM is computer modeling which brings together all relevant building information to streamline current and future processes. BIM makes building construction easier, and construction firms, big and small, now know why BIM consulting model is advantageous to them.

Benefits of BIM Consulting to your Construction Firm:

BIM – Build Intelligent Models

BIM is mainly a virtual prototype of a site, building, infrastructure or an entire city. It helps with the aspects of assessing the design performance, and stimulating it before constructing – helping all involved in the construction project to understand the design completely and well in advance.

BIM Maturity Measure Model

BIM maturity models are simple and easy to assess the maturity of the implementation of BIM within the projects. With help of BIM maturity, construction companies are capable of assessing and adopting BIM best practices and it’s diffusion across various groups and regions. It can be said to be a discipline to measure the amount of project completed and how successful it has been.  These maturity models make BIM consulting services available for wide industry usage for demystifying BIM, reducing BIM wash and helping raise the capability throughout the industry.

Seamless Integration

Before inception of BIM, building construction projects with multiple complexities were dependent on computer generated drafts, drawings and images –which put together, will form the overall layout. This means that architecture, engineering, and construction disciplines were preparing their own images and communicating with one another for seamless workflow – wishful thinking. But this was not at all “seamless transfer of information”. But today, if you face challenges getting in touch with design engineers – BIM is the solution. BIM 3D modeling ensures that all involved in the construction project are looking at the same 3D render. Construction professionals and construction engineers and contractors – all access and look at the same information. BIM averts disconnect between construction firms and clients, ultimately resulting in saved dollars and time.

BIM Consulting Increases ROI

Small construction firms usually struggle to match high overheads. They do make money, but most of it goes into managing the expenses. BIM consulting helps them in increasing the ROI. A firm’s BIM maturity is responsible for the firm’s high return on investments. Firms with less mature BIM are more likely to have poorer ROI. This ropes in the ways in which BIM consulting changes your workflow – effectively and efficiently. Increased ROI is a result of reduced errors, efficient use of resources, dissemination of information, and involving construction experts willing to work with emerging technology. Attracting the best minds attracts the best customers, who pay the highest fees.

Trustworthy Final Build Quality

3D BIM modeling enables construction firms, contractors, architects and design engineers with a virtual inspection of the building before it gets constructed or project completion. BIM models containing layers of different building systems, both structurally and its internal systems; enable the construction company run virtual tests to make sure all the systems are working appropriately – even before breaking the ground. Choosing the best BIM consulting firm helps you be prepared to embrace BIM to the fullest.


Consulting firms are your strategic BIM partners. BIM consultants provide an innovative approach to businesses to enhance and improvise the communication within architecture and engineering. They help you make that smooth transition from conventional building construction processes, to integrated BIM workflows and thus maximize your ROIs. Apart from BIM consulting and implementation, they also assist construction firms with project startup, training, and workflow management support leading to superior business outcomes.