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Newtown Coop

Located in New York City, between Queens and Brooklyn, Newtown Creek has become an attraction amongst residents and tourist alike. The site is one of the most congested waterways in New York surrounded by industrial manufacturing buildings including some of the highest CO2 readings.

Newtown Coop combines the need for an ecological approach to housing with new residents need for a working environment. The project focuses on scales of community, providing intimate units for times of seclusion and large gathering spaces for moments of interaction. This is to help encourage community involvement throughout the coop.
The project focuses on providing temporary homes for people in transit - expats, refugees, international students, migrant workers etc. There is an overwhelming amount of data suggesting the increased work ethic in these constituents, which is key for ensuring the coop program works efficiently.
Focusing on the idea of “in transit” residents as well as considering the housing shortage in NYC, the units developed in this project are micro units. By decreasing each unit by 30% it allows for extra space. This space is given back with over double the requested number of units as well as extra community space to encourage social situations.
Extra community spaces are given back through educational facilities, job centers, work spaces, community gardens, and generous amenity space. 1 and 2 bedroom units are provided and furnished to cater towards the “in transit” lifestyle.
The residential areas are designed to encourage interaction by providing excess circulation space. It is in these hallways that social situations will occur.
The approach to this project is to develop two groups of towers: community towers and ecological towers. Each tower will act as a social hub, a job opportunity, and/or an energy source. This helps to encourage scales of community involvement. These towers work together to take advantage of heat waste, C02, water, and compost.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US