T.R. Badger

T.R. Badger

Tucson, AZ, US


Tucson Unity Center

The mission of the Tucson Unity Center was to develop a stronger and active community in downtown Tucson. This is  achieved by promoting distinctiveness, variety and diversity amongst all ages, youth, gender & ethnicity. One of the main purposes of this program was to provide the best quality service for individuals with physical and mental disabilities & having them feel as important as normal human beings. The vision of this program was to interconnect the surrounding downtown districts and offer a new way to develop growth, unity and independent living. Developing this facility between Stone Ave. & Toole Ave. is an important site because this creates an opportunity to resurrect the previous streets of Council Ave. and Grosseta Ave. By reconstructing these two intersections, this creates an accessible pedestrian path and vehicular drop-off.

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Status: School Project
Location: Tucson, AZ, US