Tjasa Baric

Tjasa Baric

Ljubljana, SI



My name is Tjaša Barič an architecture student from Slovenia and I am finishing my masters in architecture In Faculty of architecture at University of Ljubljana. I am writing to you to inquire about a possible internship at your office.

During my studies I encountered a lot of Asian architecture and I always found it inspiring in it minimalist aesthetics lightness and functionality. Two years ago I went to a lecture given by Korean Professor Hyungmin Pai – Seoul: Contemporary Asian metropolis. He pointed out that while western architecture focuses on outside appearance of the building, it’s wow factor and the façade; which is the opposite of traditional Asian architecture in particular Korean architecture which focuses on interior space and it’s interaction with the outside. This really spoke to me, since western architecture seems to be going around it from the wrong way, from the outside in, instead of building space from the inside out; After all the basic principle of architecture is to give shelter and make user feel comfortable and aesthetics and beautiful exterior is that added value.

Last year I spent a year studying at Instituto Superior Tecnico at Technical University of Lisbon in Portugal under Professor Bak Gordon. I learned a lot since in my opinion Portuguese architecture besides the Nordic architecture is one of the most sensitive to it’s surrounding and beautiful in it’s simplicity.

Now I would also like to learn the principles of Asian architecture and it’s approach to design and creating space. I am familiar with Korean architecture, culture and food, and since my fiancé is Korean I also speak a little Korean, as well as read and write Hangul. That’s why I think cultural adaptation wouldn’t be so hard and believe Korea is the perfect country for me to do internship in.

I am a hard worker, eager to learn and always up to a challenge. I am capable with computer and making models and am innovative. I believe I could be a great asset to Your Company and bring new ideas and a different view with my western education.

I seriously hope you consider taking me as an intern. I am adding my portfolio with CV and a recommendation letter. I look forward to hearing from you.


University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, SI, Masters, Master in Acheitecture

Oct 2008 - current

IST - Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, PT, Masters, MA Architecture

Sep 2012 - Jul 2013

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