Thad Smith

Thad Smith

Euless, TX, US


The Round Up

A multi-use development proposal to the City of Fort Worth--Thad was asked to work in a group to produce a proposal for a downtown Fort Worth multi-use development project consisting of a site analysis, a market analysis, zoning due diligence, a financial pro-forma, and a proposed site plan. Thad took on a leadership role immediately upon the initiation of the project, and greatly aided his team in reaching consensus throughout the semester. Thad also greatly excelled in the design portion of the project – he pursued original design concepts that were also sensitive to local history and site needs. I think he was very quick to learn new concepts and was instrumental to his team’s success on all fronts.

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Status: School Project
Location: Fort Worth, TX, US
My Role: Project Leader
Additional Credits: Sangchun Ahn, Christina Benante, Andrew Whittemore, University of Texas at Arlington School of Urban and Public Affairs