Tauana Marques de Freitas

Tauana Marques de Freitas

New York, NY, US



Enjoy the product. It is a huge library of outdoor products and services.

REI is a brand that can be compared with a library when you analyze the big collection of materials that it sells and the different services it provides. The REI client is not an ordinary consumer, he is a member, that goes to the store to explore the atmosphere, to look, to choose and to buy specific products, the same happens in a library, where people go to rent a book, while they enjoy the environment and others resources.

The library concept appears in the design too. The store is made by product shelves, a huge grid that separates the different sections and in the same time, displays the products. The grid shelves are interesting solutions for stores, because they can be adapted and they create different ambient with organization. The circulation also imitates a library, with an aisle that separates the selves and services.

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Status: School Project
Location: Boston, MA, US