SunKwan Lee

SunKwan Lee

New York, NY, US


Boatanical Garden

Disadvantages in site
Arno River creates visual experience between Florence. Yet visual experience is only positive thing the river is offering. Arno river might seem beautiful, it is a wall between two sides of the city; the discontinuity of culture and social experience. The new design for Botanic Garden is to create an environmental and social experience for the tourists and residents by attract and lead them in closely to the river. By physically interact with water and gather people with architectural space it gives people more chance to newly experience the site from nature and people. 

Architectural Solution
This is resolved by threading two sites together, by threading it, creates translucent extension of river edge which making more opportunity for people to experience water. The space between the thread will create attraction space for people to experience not only the garden but the social interaction space. The maximum water level of the river; - 8 feet of street level, acts to be a border line of heavy and light structure, which is the border line for existing heavy structure versus visual transparency of light structure.

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Status: School Project